Miles Coote completed his Masters Degree in Fine Art from the University of the Arts, London in 2015. He has performed and collaborated with many artists including Prof Oreet Ashery, Dr Owen Parry and The Dalston Ballet Company. He featured in the film Revisiting Genesis which won the Jarman Award in 2017 and most recently the feature film Biopic, Rocketman.

Miles Coote is a Painter and Live Art performance artist and is the founder of the art and sexual health project Bareback Museum.

The Bareback Museum is a Life Drawing and Live Art performance workshop, collectively working with audiences to discuss sexual health. It has been curated within Queer fringe festivals at Tate Britain and the Barbican Centre. In 2018, Miles collaborated with the Tavistock Institute to realise a life drawing performance workshop and reflective layer at the Bloomsbury Theatre, with the support from the Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL.