My website provides information about QUEER ART and the collaborative queer life drawing performance workshops with inclusive LGBTQIA+ communities. I enjoy working with artists and creative participants and studio practice:

Miles’ paintings are auto ethnographic studies of queer experiences and imaginings, drawing from his collaborative queer art projects with local communities and embodied research about the environment and queer bodies.

He is a leading artist in the field of queer life drawing and explores it as an embodied method of practice, working with public audiences, lgbtqia+ communities and organisations. He has formed the queer life drawing projects: the Bareback Museum, which investigates sexual health and queer identities of unprotected sex; QueerLDC (Queer Life Drawing Conversation) a weekly online event about Queer Bod(ies), intimacy and nudity on the internet, formed during the pandemic; Queer Art Boot Fair, which encourages the consumption and archival practice of queer objects from the home using the process of queer life drawing; and recent projects on the nude interview as a qualitative research and autoethnographic method. His artistic collaborations extend beyond community and studio painting practice into film and performance artforms – includes performing in works by Oreet Ashery “Party for Freedom”, Dr Owen Parry and The Dalston Ballet Company. Miles recently featured in the feature film Biopic, Rocketman as a synchronized swimmer.

At Chelsea University of the Arts London, Miles completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art  in 2015 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Painting from Camberwell University of the Arts London. His collaborative art projects and workshops have been curated at Queer fringe festivals at Tate Britain and the Barbican Centre, educational institutions and charities. He continues to work with and educate audiences on the transdisciplinary practice of queer life drawing.