Art Studio Paintings

Welcome to my Art studio in East London, where I painted and collaborated between 2017 – 2021. Queer Art and studio practice. It’s not quite the silver foil aesthetic of the Warhol studio in New York but it has facilitated a number of life drawing nude interviews with sitters, and was the space that inspired the Queer life drawing conversation project.

My latest Studio is at my home in East Sussex. I’ve painted parts of the walls chromakey green as I was inspired by the zoom sessions that I led for QueerLDC using a green screen.

I’ve explored different types of “art studio” over the years and documented some of the spaces, and am particularly curious about other Queer art studios. Obviously, most artists will experience the idea of a studio when they begin an education in art. My first studio space was at Camberwell University of the Arts, in a room that had gables as high as a church. I had a moveable particion wall cornering onto the fixed wall of the studio. White painted ply boards mounted all the surrounding walls up to 8 feet tall.