MOCA London publication 2018
MOCA London Autumn Performance Series 2018

MOCA London
ISBN: 978-1-912800-00-1
Published 2018

Live!Art Fanzine, Concept!Editorial – Fukin’ Fan Riot Press, October 2015
Contributors include: Owko69, Kindergartencop, Laura Dee Milnes, Allie Carr, Bad Company, Miles Coote, Angel Rose, AA Anonymous, Oriana Fox, Immigrants and Animals, Alex Eisenberg, hUGE gRANT (Gareth Cutter), Martin Hargreaves, Eirini Kartsaki, La JohnJoseph, Laura Gwen Miles, Megan Vaughan, Jayson Patterson and T3As.


Reflections on ACTS RE-ACTS 5, by Antonis Sideras