Art Projects

Fan Club 4: Hail Hail Hail Party Hail, Chisenhale Dance Space, London. 21 October 2016.

A Fan Club exploring docu-fantasies about works that happened or are yet to happen at Chisenhale Dance Space. This is the fourth in a series of fan clubs by Fan Riot exploring the figure of the fan as an unassuming model for invention, mobilization and revolt.

Hail Hail Hail Party Hail will focus on docu-fantasies (following Charles Atlas’ “docu-fantasy” of the choreographer Michael Clark filmed at Chisenhale Dance Space in 1987) and their transformative and speculative possibilities. The Fan Club will expand upon the rich history of Chisenhale as a community and place of experimentation in dance and performance. For this edition the Fan Club will be transformed into a ballet with Dalston Ballet Company, and other contributors!


Bareback Museum (Miles Coote)
La JohnJoseph
Jo Cork
Angel Rose
Jo Hauge
Laura Gwen Miles
Dalston Ballet Company
Nick Murray
Rachel Gomme