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Queer Life Drawing Conversation at the De La Warr Pavillion

Queer Life Drawing events: Saturday 25 March 2023 –
Saturday 13 May 2023

Please note: These events are for ages 18+

Queer life drawing and conversations led by artist Miles Coote. Three sessions focusing on three different themes with different sitters; Horticulture, the environment and queer cooperatives, Queer identities surrounding sex and sexual health, and a focus on the art of Angelo Madsen Minax and Miles Coote.

25th March

A focus on the art of Angelo Madsen Minax and Miles Coote

An online Zoom session and hybrid event in conversation with Angelo Madsdn Minax and Miles Coote. This is a queer intervention of the format of Angelo’s current exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion, which will aim to intimately explore both artists’ practices through queer life drawing and conversations.

29 April

Queer identities surrounding sex and sexual health and the Bareback Museum

In 2020 PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis antiviral) was made available for free by the NHS to prevent the infection of HIV.  This session will focus on conversations about sexual health scripts within the LGBTQIA+ community since the introduction of PrEP and will invite Anthony Gifford ( PhD candidate and retired dancer) to model for this session and to discuss his research on the psychosocial influences on the decision to take PrEP. We hope to broaden the conversation towards the queering identities of unprotected sex and queer methods interacting in social science on embodiment theory and the nude interview as a qualitative research practice.

13 May

Horticulture, the environment and queer cooperatives

The final session will explore environmental activism in relation to queer bodies, exploring a conversation about embodiment as a methodology for environmental change: drawing on histories of queer organising, queer cooperatives and connections with the environment and horticulture. We are thrilled to have Councillor Claire Carr of the Green Party to model for this session.